Crystal Eye XDR (Extended Detection & Response) is a new approach that provides end-to-end security
all from a single integrated platform.


Crystal Eye secures your organisation from the cloud to the endpoint
with a range of advanced security technologies.

News and Events

July 22, 2024

In this report, we discuss three new threats: Patchwork APT, Mustang Panda APT and Vidar Stealer. In the past week, our team uncovered new ransomware victims or updates on victims across 18 industries spanning 23 countries. Find the…
July 22, 2024

With the pace of cyber threats accelerating every day, the emergence of new evasion tools presents a growing challenge for organisations striving to protect their systems. The Red Piranha threat intelligence team has observed the…
July 19, 2024

Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into the how we can use Crystal Eye in the deployment of Passive Encryption Control within a Zero Trust architecture framework. This session will explore how organizations can achieve…