Red Piranha’s Single Vendor SASE delivers full security protection, threat detection and incident response across your whole cloud infrastructure.


Instant deployment options


Cloud-native security platform


Achieve security outcomes


CNSP allows clients to secure cloud footprints and protect remote staff.

XDR Capabilities

Crystal Eye Single Vendor SASE takes a cloud-first approach to providing comprehensive protection, detection and response capabilities for today’s digital world. It's a unified security platform that quickly detects security incidents anywhere across your attack surface and automatically responds to shut down the threat and minimise the impact to your business.


MSPs can manage multiple clients from the centralised Orchestrate dashboard.

SASE Benefits

  • Consistent protection across hybrid environments
  • Monitor and report on cloud threats 
  • Reduce complexity of hybrid environments
  • Reduce the need for integrating point solutions
Crystal Eye XDR Cloud
Crystal Eye XDR Cloud secures your organisation across your entire cloud footprint.

Bring Compliance to your Cloud

One of the biggest tasks facing administrators is knowing where to patch first. This is where Red Piranha’s Vulnerability Management can help by not only scanning discreet hardware but extending this to containers to provide visibility down to the SBOM (Software Bill of Materials). This gives a fuller inventory of vulnerabilities that can then be assessed and acted upon according to risk. This takes simple Vulnerability Scanning to the next level with context aware true Vulnerability Management.

The CNSP includes the following key components which work together to provide a holistic framework to protect your business: 

  • XDR Cloud (Single Vendor SASE deployment)
  • Orchestrate management console 
  • XDR Endpoints (Remote & On-premise)
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