Space Communications

Red Piranha, Australia's leading developer and manufacturer of advanced cybersecurity technology, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to forge a partnership with Cloud Constellation's SpaceBelt. Working in collaboration to formulate an Information Security Strategy to assist the adoption of SpaceBelt's technology within the government, defence, banking, healthcare, and other related industries.

The MoU includes, but is not limited to co-operation concerning:

  • Assisting SpaceBelt in its plans to establish its Australian operations and commercial interests.
  • Continue the development of our partnership for future potential collaborations with our CESOC within SpaceBelt's discrete environment.

The partnership with SpaceBelt will see our flagship Crystal Eye XDR platform and our Security Operations Centre be the first line of defence, in the protection of highly sensitive information, using the world's first cloud and data service based entirely in outer space.

Adam Bennett, Chief Executive Officer at Red Piranha, said:

"As new networks develop over time, it is imperative that cybersecurity solutions adapt and evolve to meet the growing demands of the industry. Red Piranha is proud to be involved with SpaceBelt in securing the new frontier in cosmic communications."

Space and space technologies are becoming increasingly important in the development of the modern economy. Red Piranha is proud to be working alongside SpaceBelt in providing governments and corporate identities the ability to secure, high-speed global cloud storage networks of space-based data centres, continuously interconnected by an exclusive architecture of low earth orbit satellites.

"We are excited to partner with Red Piranha by bringing next-gen innovative Cybersecurity technology leveraging on Space Infrastructure to the local market. Red Piranha have proven that they have the best expertise and Cybersecurity solutions, products and services and this prove to be a clear win-win for both companies," said Kok Rie Ooi, Managing Director of SpaceBelt Pte. Ltd. "Working together as one team, we shall unlock the full potential suites of Cybersecurity protections instruments to our customers and offer the best path for success in the Cybersecurity landscape."

As corporation's industry-wide struggle to cope with the ever-changing cyberthreats, this partnership between Red Piranha and SpaceBelt is committed to providing an effective, efficient solution to the continually evolving cybersecurity landscape.

Date Published
December 11, 2020