Incident Response Retainer

An Incident Response Retainer (IRR) is a set of services procured through a service provider that can assist an organisation in investigating and responding to security incidents. The team of experts typically includes individuals with expertise in areas such as incident management, forensics, threat intelligence, and communication. The goal of an Incident Response Retainer is to provide a company with the resources and expertise they need to respond quickly and effectively to incidents, in order to minimize the impact on their operations and reputation.

Organisations should understand the value of IR Retainers in order to improve incident detection and response capabilities. With Cyber Incident Response Retainer service, an organisation has access to the necessary skill set and capacity to effectively respond to a security Threat/Incident under predetermined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

In today's threat landscape, it is no longer a question of whether an incident will occur, but rather when it will occur and how it will impact business operations. Therefore, organisations should adopt an "assume breach" mindset and be prepared to respond quickly and minimize the Time to Recover (TTR) from a business disruption. Having an Incident Response Retainer in place can help an organisation manage and overcome a security incident. Nowadays, organisations are adopting incident response services on a retainer-basis to mitigate cyber risk and respond quickly in the event of a breach, before major damage occurs.

Benefits of having Incident Response Retainer

At Red Piranha we believe being able to respond quickly and efficiently is a must-have in any holistic security program. Our customers have the benefit of IR Retainer being included in our platform and considered all-inclusive. The Crystal Eye Human-Machine teaming technology allows fast escalation and SecOps team engagement on-demand and includes tools and processes for rapid response. Our expert incident response team is just a call away for you during an active incident. Upon security incident escalation, our responders will investigate the incident, and remediate it with no delays, so you can get back to normal business operations as quickly as possible.

An Incident Response Retainer (IRR) with Human Machine Teaming Technology can benefit an organisation in several ways: 

  1. Access to experts
    An IR Retainer gives an organisation access to a team of incident responders who are experts in investigating and responding to security incidents. This can be particularly valuable if an organisation does not have in-house incident response capabilities or if the incident is particularly complex. 

  1. Faster response time
    Cyber Incident Response Retainer service allows businesses to quickly mobilize incident responders when an incident occurs, which can help to reduce the incident window and minimize the impact of the incident. 

  1. Improved incident detection
    It helps organisations to improve its incident detection capabilities by providing cyber threat intelligence, malware analysis and incident post-mortem analysis. 

  1. Reduced recovery time
    IR Retainer help organisations to recover from a security incident more quickly, which can minimize the disruption to business operations. 

  1. Better Incident Management
    Incident Response Retainer service enable organisations to better manage the incident response process, which can improve communication and coordination between different teams and stakeholders. 

  1. Compliance and regulatory requirements
    Some industries and organisations are required by laws and regulations to have incident response capabilities and plans in place. In such cases, having Incident Response Retainer in place can greatly help organisations meet compliance requirements. 

  1. Reduced costs
    An IR Retainer can help to reduce costs associated with incident response by providing access to expertise and resources on an as-needed basis, rather than having to maintain in-house incident response capabilities. 

  1. Peace of mind
    Having an Incident Response Retainer in place can provide organisations with peace of mind, knowing that they have a team of experts on call in case of a security incident.

Organisations must prepare to respond quickly and effectively to a cyber incident to protect operations, reputation, stakeholders and employees. Our expert digital forensic analysts, incident responders, and threat hunters help organizations respond and successfully recover from security incidents. During the digital forensic investigation, Red Piranha works hand-in-hand with your IT team to mitigate risk, allowing for the proper containment of incidents. To ensure your compliance requirements are met and to reduce liability, it is imperative to have a forensic investigation conducted with a comprehensive report. These reports detail that proper incident response steps have been conducted, and that the risk has been mitigated.

Incident Response Retainers are not intended to be a replacement for practicing due-care security. Organisations should still take an active role in securing the organisation, but an IR Retainer can serve as a partner that works alongside the organisation. Organisations with low cybersecurity maturity and capabilities might find that managed detection and response services, where a provider takes a more active role in monitoring and responding to incidents, are more beneficial.

Ultimately, organisations should assess the value of an Incident Response Retainer service in the context of their specific needs and cybersecurity maturity. 

Date Published
January 16, 2023