Crystal Eye Next Generation Backup Solutions

Your data is extremely important. Red Piranha offers you a secure, easy to use, off-site, encrypted method to store your critical data for disaster recovery. If you are breached and fall victim to ransomware, suffer from critical equipment failure or you simply need to recover files from a remote backup location - Red Piranha's Next Generation Backup Solutions are an ideal fit for your needs.

To meet compliance requirements you must store certain parts of your data off-site. To meet continuity needs in the event of data loss, our next-generation backup service solves your enterprise’s compliance and continuity needs in one integrated solution.

With this service all data is protected and safely stored (encrypted) in the Red Piranha infrastructure, our infrastructure protects you against the loss of information.

As everything is backed onto the Red Piranha infrastructure it is easily recoverable. Your information can be accessed and restored very quickly and easily.

Do you have sensitive data stored on your business servers?

If you answered yes, they cyber-criminals will attempt to gain access to this information. We provide security services and products to help prevent that.

If the cyber-criminals DO get access to your systems and Ransomware gets inside your network (an employee has it on a flash drive they are unaware is infected, for example) then all your data can be encrypted and hidden from you - including your local backups!

This is why our Next Generation Backup Solutions were created. We give you a safe off-site "Hope I never need it" backup so you are protected and safe.

Seriously - for just 2 seconds consider the possibility that ALL of your information is lost. Gone forever. You would be out of business. Our backup solution safeguards against that tragedy.

Do you have an encrypted off-site backup?

Automatically updated we're not talking about you putting your data on a disk and putting it in your home office. We're talking continual backups of databases, flat files, work files, projects, employee and customer files and other sensitive mission-critical files. Backed up off-site as it changes.

If you don't you need to make a decision at this point. Are you going to continue taking a risk and just ignore the best solution possible? Or are you going to call us?

We'll help you with this decision. Here's our number: +61 (8) 6365 0450. Call us, set it up and it's done. It's quick, affordable and one day you may be really glad you did this.

How old is your backup?

If it's older than 3 minutes, you've probably lost critical files, your database is now out of sync and you have a mess on your hands when you try to sync things back up again. If you have a local backup - what happens if there is a fire, theft, a sprinkler head goes off in your office?

Our backup solution is seamless, fast, encrypted and easy to get set up.

Call us at +61 (8) 6365 0450 and get it our Next Generation Backup solution protecting your enterprise today.

Crystal Eye UTM Platform

We invite you to visit the Crystal Eye UTM Platform page and learn more about this powerful security tool to protect your network and users from cyber-criminals and evolving exploits that put your data at risk.