Crystal Eye Web Filtering

Web filtering is an essential tool for administrators to utilize in both protecting users from accessing sites that present a danger to the enterprise due to malware and to limit the user's web usage to approved work-related activities.

The Crystal Eye Web Filtering solution is a flexible, dynamic way for administrators to regain control of user's web activity from inside the corporate firewall. Backed up by Red Piranha's Crystal Eye Threat Intelligence platform, our web filtering solution is aware of dangerous threats and sites that user's should not access. This is a powerful tool to protect the unaware user from getting directed to a malware ladened site, potentially resulting in a security incident.

As an administrator, you can easily set up rules to blacklist, whitelist and control access to URLs based on categories such as pornography, social media, streaming media, web-based e-mail sites, illegal sites, known malware sites, etc.

Do you currently block malicious website access at an enterprise-wide level?

If you aren't then you are open to users unknowingly downloading trojans, ransomware, rats and all forms of malware into your organization.

Our web filtering solution is very easy to setup and manage. It gives you the control to protect your organization's employees from inadvertently infecting your internal network by blocking access to dangerous sites.

Do you restrict access to social media sites?

Have you read any of the numerous research reports on the web about the loss of worker productivity due to time spent on social media sites? The figures are staggering!

On average as much as 2.6 hours a day, while at work, are spent looking at social media sites. Having policies against using social media sites during work hours is one thing - enforcing it, on the other hand, is difficult without the help of technology.

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Crystal Eye UTM Platform

We invite you to visit the Crystal Eye UTM Platform page and learn more about this powerful security tool to protect your network and users from cyber-criminals and evolving exploits that put your data at risk.