Holistic Managed Security Bundle


Protecting your business shouldn’t be


  • Security incidents are becoming more complex while compliance obligations are becoming harder to meet.

  • Organisations are struggling with too many products from different vendors which aren’t integrated together.

  • Companies need to be able to quickly identify real threats from all the noise and then initiate rapid response procedures to minimise business impact.


  • XDR helps you meet your compliance obligations without the complexity of configuring and monitoring separate security systems.

  • XDR offers a single unified platform that delivers security protection, threat detection and incident response across your whole organisation.

  • Our simple monthly subscription on a 3 year contract term delivers around $100,000 worth of bundled value.

Crystal Eye 360

We’ve taken the complexity out of securing your business and getting compliant by bundling our Crystal Eye XDR software, Crystal Eye appliance hardware, SIEM subscription and eCISO® services into a single, reduced monthly fee. This means you get the latest managed security solutions at the best price so you can focus on growing your business.


Our electronic CISO (eCISOTM) service is an automated service that integrates directly with our Crystal Eye platform to deliver a range of cybersecurity tasks normally performed by an in-house Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). It is complemented by remote consulting services to produce in-depth compliance reports and help you develop a detailed information security plan.

With an eCISOTM shouldering your security planning and reporting responsibilities, you and your team are free to focus on more strategic activities instead of putting out fires. Our eCISOTM can also help set security strategies, procure solutions, remediate incidents, and put foundations in place for your compliance needs.

* Australian cyber security skills shortage study 2016, AISA


Reduce Risk


Ensure Compliance


Free up cashflow

Crystal Eye 360 provides you with a comprehensive security hardware, software and managed services solution all in a single monthly fee.


Crystal Eye comes in two bundle options on a 36 month term. Standard shipping costs apply.

CE360 Business

  • CE20 appliance

  • Silver SIEM subscription

  • Standard licence

  • eCISO service (see below)

CE360 Enterprise

  • CE25 appliance

  • Silver SIEM subscription

  • Standard licence

  • eCISO service (see below)

Upgrade Silver SIEM to Gold MDR for even more comprehensive management.

eCISOTM Service

Address your holistic cybersecurity needs with the included eCISO® services:

  • InfoSec staff policy documents 27000 series

  • 1x Remote Board meeting per year

  • AGM ISMS Executive Statement

  • 15hrs remote ISMS Consulting

  • Quarterly internal vulnerability scanning

  • GRC quarterly Security Report in the Cloud Dashboard

  • 10hrs offsite Incident Response & Escalation

  • Security Awareness Training (Online) x50 staff per year